Original Roll Crimper (all gauges)

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BPI's Original Roll Crimping Tool 

ROLL12 12 ga Roll Crimper $53.98
ROLL20 20 ga Roll Crimper $53.98
ROLL41 .410 Roll Crimper $53.98
ROLL10 10 ga Roll Crimper $53.98
ROLL16 16 ga Roll Crimper $53.98
ROLL28 28 ga Roll Crimper $53.98
ROLL08 8 ga Roll Crimper $53.98
ROLL24 24 ga Roll Crimper $53.98
ROLL32 32 ga Roll Crimper #53.98

A BP Original. Crimp depths often vary from load to load, even to a point where it is difficult to produce a proper fold crimp. This makes roll crimps ideal for shell lengths of almost any size. A compromised crimp can severely disrupt the entire combustion process, thus diminishing performance or even causing a blooper.

Performance: Shotshell load performance can vary shell to shell because components such as slugs, buckshot, and full-length field wads, by their nature, are not flexible platforms. Roll crimps adjust to the load (instead of the load adjusting to the crimp) and the ballistic results demonstrate more consistent & sustained combustion. Ultimately, a more consistent propellant burn yields more consistent performance.

Note: Beware of cheap knock-off roll crimpers that will produce insufficient crimp quality, erratic loads, and bloopers. We've been machining our specialty roll crimpers for over 35 years. Many specialy ammunition manufacturers rely on BP quality roll crimpers for their high-performance loads. So don't waste your hard-earned money on a cheap copy. Go with BPI's original Roll Crimper and save yourself frustration and wasted loads.

BPI Hull Vise and Roll Crimpers; a perfect match. 

  • Hull Vise
  • 8ga Roll Crimper
  • 10ga Roll Crimper
  • 12ga Roll Crimper
  • 12ga Exacta Roll
  • 16ga Roll Crimper
  • 20ga Roll Crimper
  • 24ga Roll Crimper
  • 28ga Roll Crimper
  • 32ga Roll Crimper
  • .410 Roll Crimper

Roll crimpers can be used with a hand drill or a drill press.

The Easy Art of Roll Crimping:

  1. Start with any uncrimped paper or plastic hull. New, uncrimped hulls are available in almost every type and length. Once-fired hulls can be cut down 1/4" and then roll crimped. For example, a 3" hull can be cut down to 2-3/4" in length and then roll crimped. Our Trim Doctor tool was designed for this procedure.
  2. Prior to crimping, load the shell as you would any other shotshell load. We recommend using a Wooden Reloading Block during this process to keep loads organized and avoid spillage.
  3. After dropping the shot and before crimping, place either an Overshot Card or Clear Overshot Disk on top of the pellets.
  4. Secure the hull. Though it does not take much force to hold the shell, this procedure is made easy with the use of a Hull Vise.
  5. Place the roll crimper on top of the hull. Our roll crimpers are designed to best work in a clockwise rotation. Start spinning the drill and apply very light pressure. When the edge becomes pliable through a combination of heat and pressure, roll the lip down until it makes contact with the overshot card wad.
    Curing: Your roll crimper will begin to cure as you use it more and more. Roll crimping will become faster and easier as your tool gains experience.
  6. Check progress as you go along.

Cartridge manufacturer's tip: Many cartridge manufacturing companies use our roll crimper and some of these clients have told us that they like to put just a single drop of household oil (e.g., 3-in-1 Oil) on the surface of the roll crimper for every few hundred rounds.