Alberta Couple Canadian Importers of Fine Guns

Posted by Alex Morgotch - Yorkton News on 2020 Mar 9th

First time exhibitors at the 2011 Yorkton Gun and Collectibles Show, Will and Donna Bilozir from De Winton, Alberta offered partrons fine firearms, shotguns, huntin … Read More

How Much Wood Does a Woodchuk Chuk?

Posted by Donna Bilozir on 2020 Mar 9th

It was a foggy, gray day in March when I first met Chukar. A lightly snow-covered, remote, valley provided the perfect backdrop for these small birds and a temperature of 3° allowed both humans and do … Read More

Crash Test Dummy...

Posted by Donna Bilozir on 2020 Mar 9th

There are a lot of accomplished woman shooter’s in Canada, and I’m not one of them. Having said that, I have first-hand experience of the many challenges that may occur when learning to shoot a shotgu … Read More