February Newsletter

2021 Mar 1st

Fabulous February arrived with some very cold weather out west. I hope wherever you are that you endured the weather and will be enjoying Spring very soon.

Reloading supplies have been flying off the shelves and we are working very hard to maintain inventory as we are now experiencing shortages due to the effects of the past year's events.

We are expecting a MEC order in the next few weeks and a Ballistic Products order in the next month. If you need any supplies let us know. If we don't have stock we will put you in the backorder book for when we receive product.

  Introducing the  Howdah Hunter Flintlock 20 ga              


Cod. 020S388020 Caliber .20 Grooves -
Barrel's length
Overall length
The success enjoyed by the flintlock version of the side by side muzzle loading shotgun inspired Pedersoli to make the short model, double barrel with the same ignition system. It is chambered in 20 ga, smooth bore with walnut stock, pair of flintlocks and light case hardened finish. This Howdah Hunter Flintlock (S.388) is both elegant and effective, enabling loading either shot or round ball.

We are taking orders now for delivery in late 2021 ! We have closed orders for the May/June 2021 shipment, however if they have it in stock we may be able to add to the order. Contact us!

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The MEC Marksman® metallic reloader is made from ductile cast iron for superior quality and durability. Our patent-pending self-centering shell holder provides greater reloading accuracy and consistency. The MEC Marksman® is compatible with all 7/8-14 thread dies to change calibers quickly. Reloading .22 Hornet to .416 Rigby can all be done with one convenient machine.

In addition to the MEC Marksman®, the Metallic line will include reloading accessories and essentials. Powder measure, powder trickler, scale and calipers are available to complete the MEC Marksman® reloading experience. An additional base is available for easy installation and is compatible with the MEC Jig Fixture mounting system. Case prep tools and components are also available.

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NEW INTRODUCING a new product being produced by Ballistic Products.

The Adjusta-Drop universal charge bar will work on your MEC single stage reloading press. We have a pending order and hope they will be available very soon. Keep checking back in with us for news.