April 12, 2020

You may remember back last fall I purchased from you a FAIR Iside SXS shotgun in 16 gauge with 30" barrels. I just want to take a moment to tell you how extremely pleased I am with this gun. The gun fits me well and functions perfectly. The barrels are perfectly regulated. On the pattern boards at 30 yards the barrels print even 50/50 patterns exactly on top of each other right to point of aim. I have a Beretta 486 Parallelo SXS in 12 gauge that doesn't pattern as well and it cost more than twice the money. My 1970's vintage AYA sidelock comes close. I have had great success this past winter on released pheasant and chukar hunts. I just don't miss with it. I has become my go-to upland and field gun. It is quite light and easy to carry yet hits hard. The 30" barrels are right for the gun to make an easy steady swing onto the birds. The only change I made to the gun was to install a Pachmayr Decelerator Old English recoil pad. The wooden but plate was very attractive but impractical for hunting purposes.

So again, I'm very happy with the gun. It is extremely good value for the money. I would recommend it to any upland hunter.

Ralph Perry
Brantford, ON

January 2020

 Hi Will

I got the Pedersoli high wall in 45-70 with long range sights a couple of years ago. After a small problem with the front sight I got it straightened out and went to my first match(black powder) I christened the rifle at that match as I had only bore sighted it before hand. The target was across a lake at 500 yards in the bullrushes. I had 12 shots it took me 9 shots to get on the steel but I connected with the last 3 to tie for first. I was happy as was using new untried shells, and the first 12 shots at that distance from the new rifle. A great beginning for a great rifle.


Jim Mawhinney


November 2019

Another great day with griffons and my FAIR sxs 20 ga, never ceases to amaze me how much I love hunting with them both. I almost pity the birds when I get a point not many survive this beautiful swinging gun.

Assiniboia, SK



March 2019

Three years ago I bought a F A I R 28 sxs Iside Prestige from Will at the Assiniboia gun show for a quail hunt in texas. I was very pleased with the speed with which I could get on the little rockets, the 5lbs and English stock enabled me to knock them down way better than my heaver 20 gauge over and under.

So last year I bought a 20 g sxs Iside Prestige Tartaruga Gold, both these guns come to my face instantly with out any effort the safety is always off even in the cold and the beautiful wood sloped rear pad never catch my clothing in the late season rooster hunts like the rubber ones used to.

I pattern all my guns and these F A I R guns have the best patterns of probably 25 different guns I have tested in the last 25 years. I am 4 time Saskatchewan Sporting Clays Provincial champ so I do a lot of shooting and have tried a lot of guns but even at 62 I just had my best year of hunting upland birds in 50 years of hunting.

I can honestly attribute this to the natural fit and point of these beautiful little Italian marvels.

Kim Leduc


January 2-18 2018

Well, words cannot express...the craftsmanship, the wood, the engraving, the checkering, dare I say artistry. Even the barrels give off this amazing musical ping when you lock up the gun! I wasn't even expecting a presentation case. Again, thank you and RFM for putting up with me and going above and beyond. I will be sending a letter of thanks, in Italian, to Sissi, Mauri and all the craftsmen at RFM and some production photos of me in a few operatic roles. I could also send them to you but I didn't want to be presumptuous.

With warm regards, Greg.

 Jan 2018

"Hello Will,
I received the shotgun on Friday morning. The parcel was in perfect condition. I am very satisfied with my order, the shotgun is well mounted, the wood is pretty and it is very light. Thank you for your excellent service.

Happy New Year 2018
David, Quebec"


April 2017


Just wanted you to know how pleased I am with the hammer 20. First two birds with it at Wessex on Easter, we had 20 birds and had a friend out with his Brit on his first upland. It was really good, started off with -5 and snow but the sun was up and melted it all by 1030. Surprisingly I shot the first 8 birds with one shot I can't believe how fast that gun is! Really a fun shoot and we ended up 19 out of 20, it was easy that cock there ran about 250 yards then busted hard left to right I made a 60yd or so shot and he folded! I'm using my hand loads- 3/4 oz of #6 on 23g of 4756 SG long. Awesome hammer gun! Thanks!

Steve M.



March 2017


Re: 2016 Goose season

Here are some pics of last fall. I'll show you guys my album at the Castor gun show. Thanks to you guys for your professional service and supplying me in components for all them years.

Nicholas Trottier

January 2017

david2.jpg“As you are well aware, both Steve and I are very much hammer gun aficionados, and hunt pour guns as well as shoot them on the range.

We are simply astounded at the performance and the detail of these two guns!

They are light, come up to the shoulder smoothly ( both Steve and I start from the low gun position always) and work well for both of us, Steve being a southpaw and me a right handed shooter.

We are quite impressed with the blind firing pin retainers as well and the socket for the lock screw. The guns were superb with everything we shot from 2 1/2" Gamebore to factory Kent Fast steel waterfowl loads . I also brought some of my powerful upland loads with 7/8oz of shot running close to 1,400 FPS.

Even for the lightweight of the guns the recoil was not overly noticeable . The guns shoot where they are aimed , which is paramount of course.

We also went through all the chokes and saw no noticeable difference in point of impact on our targets, but will do more pattern testing and shoot some pheasants a bit later to really wring these guns out.

We also plan to take these guns into the goose fields this fall and I have no doubt that they will live up to the expectations and performance that I have garnered from owning and shooting my other FAIR shotguns.

Thanks so much for giving us the opportunity to get in on the ground floor with these incredible hammer guns!

In closing , I must say that both my hunting buddy Steve and I commend FAIR for taking on this idea, because we have looked far and wide and cannot find a new manufactured 20 gauge hammer double on the market , let alone one as well built as the Iside Vintage with all of its features.

Kindest regards......David”

Aug 2016


I received the gun last week and had a chance to shoot it this weekend. It is quite a svelte gun and just what I was after. It is amazing to have a gun that fits and is so easy to shoot.

Thanks for your help with this,

May 2016

‘I received my R.F.M (Rota Fausti Manufacturing_Italy) 20 gauge side by side Zeus the other day. The engraving is very good and the upgraded stock is a really nice piece. These guns are well made and great to handle. They shoot well and have the right dimensions. I'm very pleased with my purchase.’

Murray, Ontario

January 2016

tim2016b.jpgA picture of my Ugartechea, Model 257, 20 gauge shotgun purchased from Bilozir Fine Guns. I didn't even know that Armas Ugartechea shotguns existed until I seen them at an Edmonton Gunshow in December 2010. Will Bilozir had a display set up there, and I was very impressed with what I saw. After researching Spanish shotguns for a couple of months, I decided I just had to get one and I must say that it is the nicest gun that I have ever owned. Four years later I still remain very pleased with my purchase. The Ugartechea shotgun is beautifully designed, extremely well-made and functions flawlessly. It’s hard to believe that you can still get such a reasonably priced fine handcrafted old world shotgun in modern times. Thank you Will and Donna for a great experience.

Tim, British Columbia.


October 12, 2015
‘I wanted to let you know about the Iside 9.3 x 74R double rifle that I acquired. I am very impressed with the Iside I acquired. The regulation of the barrels is good and it was easy to get a very good load to work well. I am also impressed with the iron sights provide by FAIR. The fibre on the front sight works well in that fuzzy morning light we get up here and the yellow on the rear sight works very good with the optic fibre. I am looking forward to the first big game taken with this rifle! Attached is a target with a grouping at 100yds with 320g Woodleighs.

Thanks Will’

Stephen, Ft. McMurray

October 11, 2015

Good Reloading Information

‘The BPI CSD20 shot cups work excellent over Blackhorn 209 powder in my muzzleloader. Powder must be compressed as much as possible, CSD20 holds 1 3/16 oz. of lead #5’s and my .25” Styrofoam meat tray wads keep it all in place. Wads are cut with a sharpened 20 ga. high-brass cartridge base.

The 20 ga. obturator gas seals don’t load over the step properly with the turkey choke removed, end up damaged. I’ve a cylinder bore choke coming that may allow proper loading when installed.

I’ve disassembled several Federal Mag-Shok Heavyweight 20 ga. 3” 1.5 oz. #7 loads (15 gram/cc) and their flight-control wad won’t load in a fouled barrel. The 1.5 oz. charge in a CSD20 cup leaves about 1/8” unused space so have cut 1/8” Styrofoam meat tray wads (with a 28 ga. cartridge brass base) to fill the gap before putting the .25” thick over-shot on top. At 29 yards with 4 slits (half way down) in the CSD20, a Colonial TK2 .575” choke, the 1.5 oz. load put 157 #7 pellets inside a 9.75 in. circle, fibre-optic sights adjusted to print dead-on. Should fill my fall turkey tag later this week if I do my part.

Breech plug design (keeping BH 209 close to the Fed 209A primer) seems to be essential, as is lots of pressure on the powder charge. Western Powder says Blackhorn 209 doesn’t work in muzzleloading shotguns. I had one shot in 17 fail that didn’t get enough effort to compress the charge.

The gun weighs about 6.25 lbs. so the 100 gr. (by volume) (75 gr. by weight) load of BH209 with 1.5 oz. of shot is an ‘event’ when touched off.

Thanks for your help to date. If ITX Turkey Trauma ever appears in #7 size I might give it a try. Let me know.’

Len, Clinton, ON


April 4, 2015
My new R.F.M. shotguns

The young fellows came down from Calgary today. I bought a trap and we shot clays. All I can say is wow! The young guys were saying how much better I was shooting and I know they were right. Busted one after another with the sxs. Let them shoot it too and one of them in particular was doing extremely well to the point he said it was upsetting him how much better of a gun than his bennellis. The young guys all liked them I shot the SK really for the first time and after a few shots I was doing even better with it. Hard to believe how much better they are than my old franchi. I broke clay after clay after clay with it! Thanks again.


april-15.jpgApril 2015
'I would like to thank Will and Donna for showing me there selection of fine shotguns. After a few pleasant conversations with Will on the phone I set a date to go look at some guns. Will had three brands and six shotguns out that I got to look at that were in my price range. After he explained the finer points of each gun I decided on a pair of RFM shotguns. I bought both an over under and a side by side. Always wanted to try a side by side now I have and am really enjoying it. The picture below is a couple of pigeons that flew out of an old abandoned farm house. They came out together the Zeus 20 gauge was the fastest gun up and pointing that I have ever fired in the field. I was up and on target and got them both with in 15 yards. Both birds folded and dropped, they were in the centre of the shot cloud. I have reloaded rifle shells for years and years and started loading shot gun shells this past summer. This is how I met Will and Donna. They are really the only place that seems to carry any amount shot shell reloading inventory that I have found within a thousand miles. With inventories of bismuth, ITX, and plated both copper and nickel plated shot it is a one stop shop for high performance components for hunting. Large selections of wads and hulls both new and once fired it is the shot shell reloading Mecca in western Canada. Thanks again for the good products and great service.

With warmest regards, T.'

December 9, 2014

R.F.M. (Rota Fausti Manufacturing, Italy)

'For those wondering about the R.F.M. Armi firearms; Here is what I have to say about them:

I recently purchased 2 SXS box lock RFM shotguns from Bilozir Fine Guns. One a 16 ga; the other a 12 ga “slug gun”. The short version of the description of these pieces is “ absolutely beautiful” ! There is a lot of attention to detail in both design, and workmanship.

The graining in the wood is remarkable to say the least, like you can look down into the grain. The checkering and finishing is hand done and masterfully so. Likewise the metal work tolerances are very close. The bluing is deep and rich and beautifully engraved. The 16 is easily the most eye-catching piece in my gun cabinet. Something unique about this gun, that I’ve never seen before; when you close the action the barrels have a ring akin to a tuning fork. ( I was taught as a youngster that, no you con’t slam a fine shotgun closed, you raise the butt to the barrels until it snaps closed) This is the only one I’ve ever heard sing.

Performance: Ok. So, no, I don’t buy guns just to look at or in this case listen to. I buy them to use them and I expect them to perform. If they don’t fit or shoot as I like, I get rid of them. I have to mention too, that both showed up here in the middle of a blizzard, so my usual test firing of at least a round of clays had to be forgone.

The slug gun is unique to say the least. Left barrel rifled; Right smoothbore with screw in chokes. A unique concave rib sighting system that is remarkable in itself, in that it works equally well as a rifle sight for the slug or as you would any other SXS shotgun for bird or buckshot. Slugs hit point of aim at the ranges I tested at, and buckshot patterns excellently and better than I expected at the ranges I would be using it at. This gun is designed for Wild Boar hunting in Europe, but is the cat’s meow in the thorn and apple thickets and swamps in the river bottoms of Southern Ontario where I hunt. Shots are typically fast and close. A long shot is 50 yards, and I’ve shot them as close as 3 yards. This gun is short, handles fast,mounts and snaps quickly, and comes on target fast. Double trigger so that barrel selection is instantaneous. I was thrilled with it this shotgun season. The very first shot fired at game took a very nice white tail with the slug barrel at 50 yards, delivering the slug exactly where I expected it to go with a perfect heart shot.

This slug gun is well designed. Being short I expected the recoil to be ponderous, and to burn the cheek, especially with slugs, but this was not the case. It shoots very comfortably.
It was also the topic of much discussion around the deer camp, especially among the synthetic and camo stock crowd; especially when it put the first deer on the pole.

The 16 ga: I can’t say enough about this gun. My regret is that I met and married her so late in life. She’s an eyestopper even for someone who isn’t a gun nut ( or in my case a gun slut). Like I said she showed up in a blizzard and I didn’t get a chance to run her through a round of clays to “get the feel for her”. First outing was a trip afield and a surprise flush that got centered in the pattern. First shot ever through that gun. The dog was making the retrieve before I really realized how fast and smooth it had all been… like we’d been doing it all our lives. Not only beautiful to look at but beautiful to handle. Epitomizes the moniker “Sweet Sixteen”. I ejected the spent hull and replaced it with a live round, closed her up and listened to her ring, and I’m still smiling! I expect it will be the gun of choice for most of the upland seasons, and a lot of the water fowling too.
Don’t be afraid to purchase/ order an RFM product. They’re good. Just for the record? .. neither of these are for sale. Get your own.

Testimonially Yours,
David H. D. Ford,
St. Marys, ON


September 2014
Had a great shoot last evening. Shot the Pedersoli but also the Westley Richards 95 grains FFG and 1 1/4 oz of Bismuth mag tech cases


June 2014
I bought my first o/u shotgun at a local gun show in 2012. This firearm was made by the F.A.I.R. company and was the Jubilee Prestige 12 gauge.When I saw this gun I was immediately taken by the beautiful craftmanship and the fit and finish of the action to the stock. I shouldered the firearm and it was like an extension of my arm. The gun fit my shoulder better than my shirt. I was sold right then and there. I am still learning to shoot it but it is a dream to shoot. The F.A.I.R. company makes a quality firearm and after talking to Will & Donna Bilozir at the same gun show this last weekend I have decided to purchase the new semi auto that F.A.I.R. is producing in 12 gauge or hopefully a 20gauge. Whatever gauge they come out with I expect the quality will be there .

Lynn Cournoyer
Slocan BC

March 2014

The Iside arrived today. It is marvelous, very nice fit and finish with tight machining tolerances. It makes my Franchi (Fausti made) Highlander SxS's seem a little rough and clunky.

Thank you, Richard Paxton



 March 2014

I shot the FAIR Iside 28ga yesterday at our largest local sporting clays club, and it attracted a lot of very favorable comments. I expect you to get at least one order out of the group.
The Iside handles very nicely with perfect balance at the hinge pin and at 5.7 lbs it will be a marvelous upland field gun. The smoke of skeet station 8 clays was impressive!
The precisely machined fit of the barrels and receiver made assembly a little frustrating but I am getting better at finding the sweet spot.

Regards, Richard P.



October 2013
david-todd.jpgSharp tail hunting with my Pedersoli 12 ga La Bohemienne!



 March 2013

terry-v-bismuth-2.jpgThanks again for your help and visits at the Chilliwack show. Soon I will be loading my 16gauge ammo for the fall of 2013.

I just wanted to thank you again for getting me going on loading my own Bismuth 16gauge shotshells. A one stop shopping experience with everything I needed to get started, and you even provided me with your own
personal 16ga recipe.

After last October, I couldn't be happier..... thanks to you...... Now I am able to shoot my trusty old LC Smith SxS and
with the Bismuth , it shoots even better than ever!

Please find enclosed a photo taken after a successful morning of duck hunting, back in Sask. That number 5 Bismuth even claimed a pair of snow geese that came close to the decoys.

Thanks again, Will , for your great products and kind assistance

Terry V - British Columbia

david.jpg"The F.A.I.R shotguns are some of the best off the rack guns a shooter can buy as far as I am concerned. They point naturally, the chokes are top shelf, and they are superbly made. Will was very accommodating and helpful right from the get go, as was the factory themselves. He gets me my component orders as fast as he can, and goes out of his way to make sure we up here in the far north are never without service.

I recommend the company and F.A.I.R shotguns to everyone I meet!"

David Henry Todd - Northern Alberta


"I got the 16 gauge in the mail yesterday. Looks fantastic. Hope to get out and pound a few hundred rounds this weekend. I really marveled at the metal fit and finish on your gun when I first looked at it and again on mine. It really is top quality. They must have some top of the line machining tools with a great attention to detail from the staff."

James Allan Whyte - Vancouver Island

September 27, 2012

karl.jpgDear Will,

I just wanted to thank you for the AYA. It fits perfectly and is a joy to shoot.




September 2012

dtoddb.jpgDave Todd and his Pedersoli 12 gauge La Bohemienne side-by-side shotgun.



August 2012

I received my Ugartechea 75 recently from Bilozir Fine Guns. The gun exceeded my expectation from a true side lock! With a few outings at the skeet club, I constantly get positive remarks on the quality of the gun. You certainly do get a lot of gun for the money! The one positive experience dealing with Will is there is absolutely no pressure. Looking forward to the grouse season.

Frank N.

August 22, 2012

The Combi arrived yesterday and I was able to take it clay shooting.  The gun is everything I thought it would be. Thanks for the advice on not going with the Strecher trigger. I can see where it would be an issue with double triggers. The feel and fit of the gun is great. The quality of all the pieces is top notch. I am really pleased with the entire package.  If you have any potential customers in the area I would be more than happy to show them the gun if someone was interested. All you need to do is ask. Thanks for everything.

John K

August 2012

Fausti 'Style'  12 ga.

I received the shotgun on Wednesday. I didn't get home until late Wednesday so I didn't open up the package until Thursday.

I couldn't be more pleased! The gun feels great and the workmansip is flawless! I just wanted to pop you a note of appreciation. It was good and easy doing business with you and I'm certain that I'll get a lifetime of great shooting out of the gun.


March 2012

"I just wanted to send you a note to thank you for putting the 20 ga Ugartechea Model 110 and the 12 ga Davide Pedersoli in my hands. The past hunting season was a true joy and without question I was asked more questions about my firearms than I ever have before. I hope your hunting season was as enjoyable as mine.

Dealing with both of you was a joy and at no time did I feel pressured into making a rash decision or purchase. You were more concerned about fit and use and you addressed my concerns perfectly. Thanks again and I look forward to our next encounter...."

Norm Suvan

February 2012

"Just thought I'd tell you how much I'm enjoying shooting the FAIR 20/28 ga combo. Two weeks ago we released some chukars and I used both barrel sets, looks like I'm going to need to practice more with the 28ga, but both were a pleasure to shoot. Two days ago shot in the Ringneck Classic and used only the 20 ga, the gun is light and fast enabling me to get on the birds very quickly. Can't wait until the fall when I can go out and look for wild birds, being so light I'll be able to pack it around all day without being fatiqued. Thanks again"

Len Hanson

side20.jpgOctober 2011

"Bilozir Fine Guns is the exclusive Canadian importer of F.A.I.R. shotguns.

Dollar for dollar, F.A.I.R. shotguns are unrivalled in mechanical workmanship and material quality.

I purchased mine a year and a half ago and have since fired 9000 rounds through it on the skeet field, with the only evidence being the normal rubbing on the breach plate from shotgun shells being soundly locked up for firing! Bilozir Fine Guns is happy to provide one on one service for selection and fit of your new shotgun. They will ensure that both you and your new shotgun will always be in good hands."


donna2.jpgSeptember 20, 2011

"My Ugartechea is perfect for me. It is lightweight, beautiful and comfortable with the custom stock. Today I shot my first Canada Goose shooting my 28 gauge Ugartechea with a #6 Bismuth load!"

Donna Bilozir - De Winton, AB





December 2010

"Finally had a chance to test fire the 9.3x74/20G Combi F.A.I.R Prestige. Both barrels shoot to same point at 50 yards with amazing accuracy.

The 20 gauge slugs, both the Remington and Winchester are punching one big hole. The 9.3x74 with 286 grain slugs has a lot more recoil but not too bad.

(like a .458) as the gun only weighs 6.5lbs is not a surprise! I would like to try the Combi on wild boar!!"

Peter - Strathmore, AB

Feb 17, 2010

"Just got the Sabatti before the week end and thanks you !

It is a very nice firearm and definitely worth the money ! Loved everything about it, wood, fitting, really nice balance, a terrific small action. If I had to change one thing, I would ask Sabatti to do like Heym on their PH rifle and not bother with the engraving. But this is a small critic.

I did not have a chance to shoot, however, it as a good friend of mine fell in love with it and swore he would not leave my place without it - I sold it to him only a couple hours after I received it. I simply cannot stand to see a grown up man drooling, whimpering and crying (-:

This is the fastest turn around I ever had on one of my guns! "

Paul - Yukon