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The family of Luciano Bosis is an uncompromising group that makes best guns" using modern technology along with the craftsmanship of traditional master gunmakers.

These guns are the result of lengthy research into both aesthetics and functionality. Add to this what can only be described as "loving care" rapt attention to detail, finish, wood, engraving and overall quality.

You can not fail to see the loving care that goes into the finish, the smallest detail, the choice of wood, the artistry of the engravings and the overall appearance, which can only be done by a master craftsman. From classic side-by-sides with side locks assembled on the side plates to Boss-type over-and-unders for hunting and shooting, as well as fine Anson & Deeley guns that are built lightweight and easy to handle. All in a range of calibers from 12 to 36/410 Magnum. Solid blocks of steel and wood are gradually molded by expert hands into first-rate weapons. Some are veritable collectors items that will turn out to be a worthwhile investment.

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