Bosis Michelangelo Sidelock o/u (various gauges)

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Michelangelo Sidelock o/u                 (various gauges available)

Michelangelo Brochure

You can order a fully custom made gun-yours is the last word on casts, wood grain, and the type of barrel and engraving. As you can see further on, Bosis offers a wide range of engravings - and engravers - to satisfy any requirements whatever. This virtual catalogue is just to give you a general idea of the products, but you really have to examine the finished product to fully appreciate the skill and care that goes into the production of a Bosis Guns.

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Gun: Boss-type Over and Under Shotgun in 12ga
Model: Michelangelo Extra
Action: Bosis action and pinless locks with hidden windows
Trigger: Single trigger
Barrels: Chopper lump barrels from solid billets of Bosis ONE steel, 30" long
Ejectors: Automatic ejectors
Engraving: Fine English scroll executed by GS Pedretti

Gauges 12 - 16 - 20 - 28 - 410
Barrels From 27” to 31” with steps of 1”
Ejectors Automatic
Actions and Locks Holland&Holland type mechanism, proportioned to the gauge (5 sizes)
Locking Boss type
Stock Deluxe walnut, custom made, Pistol grip, English, Prince of Wales
Engraves Hand made by the best engravers
Accessories Hand made leather case with canvas cover made by Nizzoli, Snap caps and Cleaning rods in rose wood and brass
Optional Inside chokes

We are extremely proud to show you pictures of our new pinless lock systems
and frames in 12/16/20/28ga and .410. As you can certainly see every lock and
frame is perfectly scaled and proportioned to the caliber of the gun. The locks can
be easily removed by unscrewing a tiny torque screw hidden behind an invisible
window. Despite being much more resistant than any other screw, a torque screw
is a lot easier to remove when it comes to detaching the lock. Every gun will be
provided with a perfectly shaped wood wedge to open the hidden window and

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