F.A.I.R. 50th Anniversario o/u shotgun (all gauges)

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F.AI.R. 50th Anniversario           (12-16-20-28-410 ga)

F.A.I.R. will be producing their 50th Anniversary edition in 2021!  All gauges with standard features such as steel capable, five chokes, deluxe fitted case, regulated barrels, single selective trigger, ejectors

This new over/under model, besides to being produced in the classic 12-16-20-28-410 gauges in scaled action (ga.410 on action ga.28), it is characterized by a wonderful engraving completely performed with new generation laser with 4D vision system, while the woods, with special fine checkering, are in super selected classes with super luxury oil finishing.

Watch for further pictures and details or contact us.

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