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ITX Original-10 Shot  (7# bag)

ITX Original-10 is approximately 20% denser than steel shot. ITX Original-10 is hard enough to maintain superior patterning and penetration, yet softer than shotgun barrels. Therefore, ITX Original-10 is ideal for any shooter concerned with shooting non-toxic through their barrels, including double-gun shooters and small-bore shooters. ITX Original-10 is for serious hunters who are looking for a density advantage over steel shot. Your valuable time in the field deserves the advantage that better ammunition provides. Save more by shooting less rounds; ITX is the way to achieve clean, effective one-shot kills.

ITX Original-10 non-toxic shot combines pellet malleability with the advantages of enhanced density; this is the genius behind patented ITX technology.
Easy on guns, hard on game. For hundreds of loads in every gauge, from 10ga to .410, see the latest edition of The ITX Shot Loading Manual.


  • Lead Free & Non-toxic: ITX Shot materials are approved for use by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.
  • Denser: 10 grams/cc means ITX is approximately 20% denser than steel with lead-like down-range energy and superior knock-down power.
  • Pellet integrity: ITX won't break up or fracture during the forces of ignition setback. It stays intact from bore to target.
  • Malleability (softness): ITX is softer than your barrels. More like lead than any other non-toxic pellets.
  • Lethality: Enhanced pellet integrity and improved cast pellet design enhances lethal wound channels and lethal energy transfer in game.
  • Uniformity: More compact shot clouds and more consistent patterns. Each pellet is cast in order to be uniform in weight and dimensions. This consistency translates into uniformly lethal down-range patterns.
  • Affordability & Value: ITX is specifically engineered to save you money on your hunting loads while providing superior ballistic performance. This is the first non-toxic pellet to perfectly balance cost vs. performance.
This extraordinary non-toxic shot formula combines pellet malleability with the advantages of enhanced density; this is the patented ITX technology

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