BPX Devastator Non-Toxic Tungsten (2 lbs)

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NEW! BPX Devastator Shot #1,#4, #5, #6       (2 lb. bottle)    

Non-toxic tungsten alloy with tin plating  

Our new BPX Devastator shot is only available at BPI. In partnership with the world's preeminent manufacturer of non-toxic shot, we've developed a new type of shot with a high-density tungsten alloy core and covered in a protective tin plating. The result is a near perfect sphere of high density and devastating lethality.

BPX Devastator blends materials in order to achieve an ideal ballistic balance between enhanced density, pellet count, spherical precision, and overall hardness. This unique pellet core consists mainly of high-density tungsten. It is lethal on turkeys, ducks, geese, and just about any other game birds. It is manufactured to a target density of 12.0 grams/cc.

Packaging: BPX Devastator is a premium shot and it is packaged in our new Sturdy-Pak bottle, which features a convenient pour spout for easy, spill-resistant loading.

BPX Devastator is currently available in sizes 1, 4, 5, and 6.

*Shipping: For insurance purposes, this product cannot ship via USPS.

*USFWS approved non-toxic

*Pellet Diameters:  #1 = .156 (4.00 mm), #4 = .128 (3.25 mm), #5 = .118 (3.00 mm), #6 = .109 (2.75 mm)

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