BP ITX Shot Loading Manual, 9th Ed.

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ITX Shot Loading Manual, 9th ed.                 Now in Full Color
This is the only reloading guide in the world that will teach you how to load the most effective non-toxic shot available, ITX Shot. ITX Shot incorporates high-density powdered tungsten and iron with a proprietary binding material to produce two distinct and highly effective non-toxic pellet types:
  • ITX Original-10: This pellet is now manufactured to a target density of 10.0 grams/cc. It is a pellet hard enough to maintain superior patterning and penetration, yet softer than any barrel steel. Original-10 is ideal for any shooter concerned with shooting non-toxic through their barrels, including double-gun shooters and small-bore shooters.
  • ITX Extreme Turkey Trauma-13: This is the latest addition to the ITX line. This pellet is manufactured to a target density of 13.0 grams/cc, which is significantly denser than lead. Increased concentration of tungsten makes this pellet very hard and very dense; the ideal solution for long-range shooting and maximum lethality.

BPI is the exclusive reseller of all ITX Shot, made only by Continuous Metal Technology, Inc. All ITX products are proudly made in the U.S.A. and are protected by U.S. Patent #7,690,312.

BPI's ballistic laboratory works in conjunction with CMT to develop high-performance non-toxic shotshell load data. Check out our ITX Shot Manual. It's packed with great load data for all your hunting needs.