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X-Stream spreader insert (200/package)

The X-Stream spreader insert is placed into the shot cup just prior to dropping your shot charge. Once the shot is dropped, the pellets fall into one of the four sectioned chambers with a few layers covering the top. The layer on top will fill the center-section of your pattern, while the pellets below, in the chambers, will be evenly dispersed toward the outside pattern. The results are more consistent patterns, wider patterns (by about one choke spec.) and fewer deformed, fly-away pellets. 

The X-Stream does not require a special rammer tube or special tools to load. The X-Stream insert measures .630" tall, .600" wide and it displaces less than 1/8 ounce of shot. It only weights 6.1 grains - less than two 12 gauge overshot cards. X-Stream can be added to any BPI load recipe without altering the internal ballistics.

Upland loads:
Combined with plated shot, X-Stream is a customer favorite for heavy-cover grouse and tight-holding early-season/heavy cover pheasants. In upland conditions, when the birds have to be forced from cover and shooting is tight and impulsive, typical load patterns are just too tight. A spreader wad is necessary in these cases.

Steel Shot and other non-toxic pellet loads:
Thick shotcups used with steel loads contribute to an overly-tight pattern for wingshooting at shorter ranges. You can disperse your pattern without changing guns or chokes. X-stream will spread the steel shot pattern about one constriction (full becomes modified).

Used with magnum payloads of ITX Shot and Hevi-Shot, the X-Stream offers benefits at short range: diffusing pellet energy and ultimately improving and controlling pattern consistency and distributing shot into the pattern fringe.

Sporting clays tip:
Place in a 12-gauge Brush Wad for ideal patterns for close-range clays targets, even ground-presentation targets such as "running rabbit." The heavy, thick ground targets require slightly larger pellets for more energy to break spectacularly (try #7-1/2 for rabbits).

Applications in 16ga and 20ga: