SpheroTungsten Original-15 (1 lb or 5 lb)

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SpheroTungsten Original 15 g/cc shot #7          *SPECIAL ORDER*    1 lb - $    70.28

 Click Here for  SPHERO TUNGSTEN LOAD DATA                                                     hw07 -       5 lb - $ 303.98

We've stocked up in massive quantities for 2019 and that allows us to LOWER your costs on the nastiest shot on the market. This is the exact same shot that is used by a major U.S. cartridge manufacturer to produce highly lethal heavy weight loads.

SpheroTungsten Original-15 shot is density verified at 15 grams/cc. It is a unique pellet formulation consisting mainly of tungsten, but also contains alloy metals of iron, copper, and nickel. It is dense and lethal on turkeys, ducks, geese, and just about any other game birds. The Curmudgeon uses SpheroTungsten 15.0 on game birds in his light 28-gauge. The birds immediately drop from the sky.

A word about manufacturing integrity:

Many of the off-brand tungsten pellets that you see on the market are made by unknown manufacturers in China. These unknown manufacturers don't specialize in supplying shotshell components and you cannot know for certain what is actually in that shot. You may not even know the density of that shot.

Our SpheroTungsten shot is made by the world's leading manufacturing of non-toxic shot. This is the very same manufacturer that supplies almost all the major U.S. cartridge manufacturers as well as the major manufacturers in Europe. They have a global reputation for excellence. Each production lot is certified to be the finest and most consistent shot on the market. SpheroTungsten technology creates a pellet of extremely high-density (15 grams per cc) and spherical consistency. Each and every #7 pellet weighs almost exactly 2 grains. The intellectual property of the manufacturing process of this nearly perfect sphere is protected by U.S. patent 7,422,720 B

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