Nickel-Plated Lead Shot

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Nickel-Plated Lead Shot   (11 lbs/bag)
"the world's most effective game shot."

Our nickel-plated shot is the real deal - not a "wash" coating. We've been field testing this shot since the mid 1970s. We've run it through our ballistic lab and we've shot it all over the planet in every type of game situation that you can imagine. Our customers agree by making this one of our most popular products.

Design: A hardened lead/antimony alloy core is first copper coated before heavy nickel plating is applied. This thick exterior layer serves as the hardening catalyst for the entire pellet. It provides the essential hardness and reduced friction for maximum penetration capability. The first thing you'll notice about birds hit with nickel-plated lead is the reduction or elimination of feathers in the wound channel. The surface coating of nickel allows these pellets to penetrate straight through tough feathers and deliver lethal energy where it counts most.

Patterning: Fiocchi, the maker of Golden Pheasant nickel-plated shotshell loads, has tested nickel-plated lead with numerous guns and choke combinations and found that pattern efficiency is increased on an average by 4%.

Sizing note: Pellets may have a larger size variation tolerance due to metric European sizing and the heavy plating process. Pellet diameters and pellet counts per load will differ from those to which American shooters have become accustomed.

BPI Product U.S. Approx. Italian  Metric Grains Pellets  
Part # Description size Diameter Size Diameter per pellet per ounce PRICE
#NP00B Nickel-Plated Lead  #00 buck .338" 11/0 8.6mm 58.87    
#NP1FB Nickel-Plated Lead  #F buck .223" 6/0 5.6mm 16.24 28.7  
#NP2B Nickel-Plated Lead  #BB .177" 4/0 4.5mm 8.70 52.8 121.58
#NP01 Nickel-Plated Lead  #1 .161" 2/0 4.1mm 6.21 70.5  
#NP02 Nickel-Plated Lead  #2 .146" 1 3.7mm 4.88 91.4 121.58
#NP03 Nickel-Plated Lead  #3 .135" 2 3.5mm 3.64 121  
#NP04 Nickel-Plated Lead  #4 .130" 3 3.3mm 3.26 134  
#NP05 Nickel-Plated Lead  #5 .122" 4 3.1mm 2.64 170 121.58
#NP55 Nickel-Plated Lead  #5-1/2 .113" 5 2.9mm 2.15 201  
#NP06 Nickel-Plated Lead  #6 .106" 6 2.7mm 1.71 268 110.18
#NP65 Nickel-Plated Lead  #6-1/2 .104" 6.5 2.6mm 1.70 278  
#NP07 Nickel-Plated Lead  #7 .098" 7 2.5mm 1.42 330 110.18
#NP75 Nickel-Plated Lead  #7-1/2 .093" 7.5 2.4mm 1.25 362 110.18
#NP08 Nickel-Plated Lead  #8 .088" 8 2.3mm 1.06 407  
#NP09 Nickel-Plated Lead  #9 .082" 9 2.1mm 0.86 506  
*Note: All measurements and weights will vary by production run; these are approximations.  

Comparing Magnum, Chilled and Plated Lead Shot:
Plated shot is always superior for game loads because of better penetration and energy-transfer qualities. Chilled lead shot is slightly softer than magnum lead shot (i.e., shot that has been alloyed with higher concentrations of antimony). Many shotgunners prefer harder magnum shot for its ability to retain a spherical form better. Because chilled lead shot contains lower concentrations of antimony, which is lighter than lead, the resulting chilled shot pellet is slightly denser than magnum shot. 

  • Magnum is harder and slightly less dense (magnum shot is not as dense or "heavy" as chilled lead shot).
  • Chilled is softer and slightly denser (chilled lead shot is slightly softer than magnum shot, but it is denser or "heavier," given the same volume.
  • The best combination is a chilled lead core (which maximizes density) with a heavy copper/nickel plating.

Market lead pricing fluctuates dramatically these days. Therefore, costs can and do vary depending upon when shipments arrive. Stock up on the sizes you need when we have them in stock because we often run out of the most popular and rarer sizes quickly.

Load Data: Advantages manual and other BP publications
Specs: Industry tolerances apply, general tolerance is +/- .003"

Packaging: Duck cloth bag, sewn seams. 11 lbs. per unit

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