Nickel-Plated Lead Buckshot

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Nickel-Plated Lead Buckshot     (11 lbs.)      New larger bag size!

The first Nickel-Plated Buckshot available to American handloaders. This is the finest buckshot we've ever seen. A dense and hardened antimony lead core is first coated with a copper wash and then a heavy nickel plating.  

      Pellets Pellets  
Part # Diam Description per lb. per jar PRICE
#NP00B .338" Nickel-Plated Buck #00 125 1000 108.28
#NP01BK .296" Nickel-Plated Buck #1 170 1360 108.28
#NP04BK .246" Nickel-Plated Buck #4 325 2600 108.26
#NP1FB .223" Nickel-Plated Buck #F 450 3600 108.28
#NP0BK .315" Nickel-Plated Buck #0 153 1224 108.28

This is the Buckshot you want for maximum performance and lethality. There is nothing better. Please note that due to the plating process, the diameter of this shot will vary from its pure lead counterpart and you will see wider variations in tolerances.

Our nickel-plated shot is the real deal - not a "wash" coating. The thick exterior layer of nickel serves as the hardening catalyst for the entire pellet. It provides the essential hardness and reduced friction for maximum penetration capability. The first thing you'll notice about game that is hit with nickel-plated lead is the deep penetration and wound channels. The surface coating of nickel allows these pellets to effectively transmit lethal energy.

Comparing Magnum, Chilled and Plated Lead Shot:
Plated shot is always superior for game loads because of better penetration and energy-transer qualities. Chilled lead shot is slightly softer than magnum lead shot (i.e., shot that has been alloyed with higher concentrations of antimony). Many shotgunners prefer harder magnum shot for its ability to retain a spherical form better. Because chilled lead shot contains lower concentrations of antimony, which is lighter than lead, the resulting chilled shot pellet is slightly denser than magnum shot. 

  • Magnum is harder and slightly less dense (magnum shot is not as dense or "heavy" as chilled lead shot).
  • Chilled is softer and slightly denser (chilled lead shot is slightly softer than magnum shot, but it is denser or "heavier," given the same volume.
  • The best combination is a chilled lead core (which maximizes density) with a heavy copper/nickel plating.

Load Data: Buckshot Manual and Coyote Manual
 Pellet counts are approximate. Industry tolerances apply, general tolerance is +/- .003"

Packaging: Duck cloth bag, sewn seams. (buckshot = 8 lbs. per bag)

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