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Hull Vise
A BPI exclusive original!

Machined from aircraft-grade aluminum, this is a sturdy tool that holds shotshells in place with an adjustable quick-release locking mechanism. The Hull Vise gives you a helping third hand and stability. The Hull Vise allows you to perform detailed loading operations, such as roll crimping, with ease and precision. The Hull Vise is factory set to load 10ga through 20ga.

Using the Hull Vise:
Roll-crimped shotshells and specialized handloading procedures are easy to manage when the shells are upright and held in place. Like any great tool, the Hull Vise saves time and expensive components, makes loading easier, and helps you produce better shotshells.

BPI Hull Vise and Roll Crimpers: A perfect match.
Available in these sizes:

Roll crimpers can be used with a hand drill or a drill press.

The Easy Art of Roll Crimping:

  1. Start with any uncrimped paper or plastic hull. New, uncrimped hulls are available in almost every type and length. Once-fired hulls can be cut down 1/4" and then roll crimped. For example, a 3" hull can be cut down to 2-3/4" in length and then roll crimped. Our Trim Doctor tool was designed for this procedure.
  2. Prior to crimping, load the shell as you would any other shotshell load. We recommend using a Wooden Reloading Block during this process to keep loads organized and avoid spillage.
  3. After dropping the shot and before crimping, place either an Overshot Card or Clear Overshot Disk on top of the pellets.
  4. Secure the hull. Though it does not take much force to hold the shell, this procedure is made easy with the use of a Hull Vise.
  5. Place the roll crimper on top of the hull. Our roll crimpers are designed to best work in a clockwise rotation. Start spinning the drill and apply very light pressure. When the edge becomes pliable through a combination of heat and pressure, roll the lip down until it makes contact with the overshot card wad.
    Curing: Your roll crimper will begin to cure as you use it more and more. Roll crimping will become faster and easier as your tool gains experience.
  6. Check progress as you go along.

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