Fiocchi .410- 3" hulls (SOLD OUT)

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Fiocchi .410 bore 3" new/primed hulls (100/bag)


  • Overall length 2.982"
  • Brass height 0.641"
  • Brass diam. 0.467"
  • Wall thickness 0.033"
  • Body diam. 0.455"
  • Depth 2.685"
  • Skived
  • Fiocchi 616 primer

The internal height has not changed, but the shape of the basewad is curved to create better propulsion with slow-burn rate powders. A new waist helps to lock the basewad in place and provide a better gas seal. The basewad material is tough plastic resin.e different colors such as white, blue, or black.  

Fiocchi hulls offer high capacity and easy crimping; a terrific all-purpose hull for clay and field loads. Primed and ready to load, these hulls will meet all your loading needs. Fiocchi hulls are an excellent choice for almost any style of load.

Remember, new/primed hulls are your best value and there's never a Hazmat charge when you ship them via ground service in the contiguous U.S.

Load data: See our Small Bore Manual both for lead & nontoxic loads, including buckshot loads for some .410 handguns.