Felt Wad 12ga 1/4" (250/bag)

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Felt Cushion Wad - 12ga 1/4"            (250/bag)

Unsurpassed energy absorption and cushioning qualities make our Felt material ideally suited as a cushion/filler wad. Felt wads have been the first choice for shotshell loaders for several generations and nothing has changed. We have used and recommended felt wads for hunting loads because they can accomodate many different loads and large shot sizes.

Adjusting Shot Columns: Different shot sizes will vary the shot column height of any given load (e.g., #9 shot will occupy less volume than #1 shot due to the space between the pellets). To remedy these height adjustments, use Cork or Felt wads underneath the shot to bring the shot column up to perfect crimping height. Cork wads are light, dense, very flexible, and very easy to work with.

Mix & Match: Felt wad sizes can be mixed and stacked to accomodate any shot column height requirements. When used as fillers inside shotcups, use 12 gauge felt wads inside 10 gauge shotcups and 20 gauge cork wads inside 12 & 16 gauge shotcups. Felt wads can be used in place of other filller wads, or on top of gas seals, but are not to be used directly on the powder.

Materials and Quality Assured: We use a special high-density synthetic felt to produce our felt wads. The material is tough and dense, so it won't smash down into a pulp when you crimp down. The high density material assures that pellets won't embed in either the felt wad or your shotcup base. Die cut from the highest quality virgin materials right here in Minnesota.

Part# Gauge Standard Felt Sizes Thick Qty.
#1221412 12 ga High-Density Synthetic Felt Wad 1/4" 250
#1221420 20 ga High-Density Synthetic Felt Wad 1/4" 250
#1221812 12 ga High-Density Synthetic Felt Wad 1/8" 250
#1221820 20 ga High-Density Synthetic Felt Wad 1/8" 250