Cork Wad 12ga 1/8" (250/bag)

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Cork Cushion Wad - 12ga 1/8"        (250/bag)

Cork wads provide cushioned but sturdy basewad support for all shotshell loading applications. Cork wads protect the base of the shotcup, prevent pellets from embedding in the plastic wad, and absorb inertia in the most critical phase of propulsion.

Adjusting Shot Columns: Different shot sizes will vary the shot column height of any given load (e.g., #9 shot will occupy less volume than #1 shot due to the space between the pellets). To remedy these height adjustments, use Cork or Felt wads underneath the shot to bring the shot column up to perfect crimping height. Cork wads are light, dense, very flexible, and very easy to work with.

Mix & Match: Cork wad sizes can be mixed and stacked to accomodate any shot column height requirements. When used as fillers inside shotcups, use 12 gauge cork wads inside 10 gauge shotcups and 20 gauge cork wads inside 12 & 16 gauge shotcups. Cork wads can be used in place of other filller wads, or on top of gas seals, but are not to be used directly on the powder. The 12ga 1/16" cork may also be used as a flexible overshot card wad.

Quality Assured: We die cut our own Cork and Felt wads out of the highest quality virgin materials right here in Minnesota.

Part# Gauge Standard Cork Sizes Thick Qty.
#1222412 12 ga Cork Cushion/Filler Wad 1/4" 250
#1222812 12 ga Cork Cushion/Filler Wad 1/8" 250
#1222612 12 ga Cork Cushion/Filler Wad 1/16" 500
#1222420 20 ga Cork Cushion/Filler Wad 1/4" 250
#1222820 20 ga Cork Cushion/Filler Wad 1/8" 250
Part# Gauge Specialty Cork Sizes Thick Qty.
#18CW10 10 ga Cork Cushion/Filler Wad 1/8" 250
#18CW16 16 ga Cork Cushion/Filler Wad 1/8" 250
#18CW28 28 ga Cork Cushion/Filler Wad 1/8" 250

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