Pedersoli Brown Bess Carbine Flintlock (.75)

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Brown Bess     (.75)

The Brown Bess was the musket used by the English troops during the Empire extension and consolidation  in India and America. Veteran of the Seven Years War, it was used also by Wellington during the war in the Iberian Peninsula and at Waterloo. The infantry troops of almost the entire world used it, from the European Nations allied with the English to the Mexican troops, who used it until the last battle with United States on the 13th of September 1847 at Chapultepec.
Our reproduction has a lock with the signature of the gunsmith William Grice and the date 1762, the crown and the alphabetical letters GR (Georgius Rex). The smooth bore barrel is made of steel, satin finish, the walnut stock is oil finish. Available are the bayonet and the scabbard.

Cod. 010S262750 Caliber .75 Grooves -
  mm inches
Twist - -
Barrel's length 775 30 1/2
Overall length 1.200 47 1/4
  kg lbs
Weight 3,600 7.93
Bullet code 036U520732
Bullet mould 034U306732