MIX #47 Buffer (500 cc)

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Mix #47 Shot Buffer            (500cc jar)

We developed Mix #47 specifically for the requirements of steel shot and large pellet payloads. High speed photography reveals the "bell effect" of steel shot - this is the chaotic bouncing of steel shot pellets. We found that specific dampening compounds greatly reduce the chain reaction of this chaotic bouncing and allows for a more consistent shot alignment through the bore. The down-range result is more consistent and tighter pattern performance. 

The materials we put into Mix #47 reduce pellet rebounding and ease the critical transition of hard pellets through the choke. Steel shot and large pellets put huge demands on buffer, particularly when the loads are designed for high velocity.

Our Buffer Dipper (pictured) makes measuring and pouring buffer quick and easy.

See buffered load data in BP loading manuals, including Advantages

Part # Product Description
BUFFER Original Buffer (500cc) For all-purpose applications and metallic case filler.
MIX47 Mix #47 Buffer (500cc) For steel shot and large buckshot loads.
BSB BSB-ITX Buffer (500 cc)   For high-friction pellets: ITX, Hevi-Shot, Bismuth, other tungsten.
MICA Mica Wad Slick For wad lubrication and easier loading procedures.

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