ITX Muzzleloading Roundballs

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TomBob non-toxic Roundballs    **Prices listed in table below*   SPECIAL ORDER

In many hunting zones, the use of lead projectiles has been outlawed due to environmental concerns.

ITX Roundballs can return you to your favorite hunting spots using traditional roundball projectiles. ITX is non-toxic and has similar characteristics to lead. This means ITX can perform like lead without harming the environment, or your treasured muzzleloader. Say no to compromise and yes to traditional hunting - just the way you like it.

Non-toxic roundballs in six popular sizes. Manufactured using patented ITX Original-10 material. Attractive clamshell packaging.

This extraordinary non-toxic shot formula combines pellet malleability with the advantages of enhanced density; this is the patented ITX technology.

BPI Product Approx. Metric Grains    
Part # Description Diameter Diameter per ball Made in PRICE
TXRB32 ITX .32 cal non-toxic roundball (30 balls) .312" 7.9 mm 37.2 USA 32.28
TXRB45 ITX .45 cal non-toxic roundball (14 balls) .436" 11.1 mm 105.2 USA 24.68
TXRB50 .487 ITX .50 cal non-toxic roundball (12 balls) .487" 12.35 mm 154.0 USA 22.78
TXRB54 ITX .54 cal non-toxic roundball (10 balls) .524" 13.3 mm 190.1 USA 22.78
TXRB62 ITX .62 cal non-toxic roundball (12 balls) .601" 15.7 mm 272.7 USA 22.78
*Note: All measurements and weights will vary by production run; these are approximations.