Unintended Consequences _ The Liberal Government Announces Ban on 'Assault Style Weapons' in Canada

Posted by William Bilozir on 2020 May 4th

The government’s grasp of facts has gone from bad to worse. There is no legal definition of “assault weapon” in Canadian law. Yet the government has banned many very common and “scary looking” black guns. The recent tragedy in Nova Scotia was the catalyst to roll out the new gun bans. Liberal logic (if it can be called that) might as well have suggested we restrict the number of guns a patrol

officer may have and also restrict the amount of ammunition they have on hand since the mass murders involved a stolen police service pistol and ammunition.

One of the arguments for banning the weapons is because they might be stolen and end up in criminal hands. By that logic the RCMP need to be disarmed as the recent events have demonstrated that the latest mass shooter acquired at least one fi rearm from a police officer. Ridiculous, yes, but that is the logic our government is using.

In addition, the shooter did not have a PAL so none of the shooters firearms were acquired legally and the RCMP has stated that all but one of the guns seized were sourced from the U.S. This makes them smuggled fi rearms, also not legal in this country regardless of what they were. We already have laws enough to prosecute these violations and the result is the same. Enforcement not more laws and certainly not penalizing the law-abiding for political gain should be the order of the day.

The unintended consequences of this new attack on legal gun owners have several features. The devil is in the details, and this is where the ineptitude of the Liberal governments is most obvious.

Detail one: Aboriginals are exempt from these gun bans because they may need these guns for hunting. Mr. Trudeau, during his presentation and justification of the ban, said that these banned guns are not used for hunting.

So which is it? Are these hunting weapons ONLY when used by aboriginals?

Mr. Trudeau and Ms. Freeland both stated that these weapons have no place in Canadian society. They didn’t say except when used by aboriginals. How is it that an aboriginal is deemed to be capable of using these fi rearms but everyone else in Canada is not? This is state-sponsored racism at its fi nest. The unintended consequence of this exemption is however, nothing to do with race.

Detail two: All firearms with a calibre greater than 20 mm are prohibited. The Woodward 8 Bore Calibre Double rifle has just been effected by this law, bore size 21.2 mm. Now this is a rifle that has a net worth about $55,000 us. Is there a record of anyone being murdered with a Woodward Double rifle in Canada? Anyone who has a collection of fi ne double rifles may want to take a good look at this rule. The unintended consequence of this error is that many hunters who thought they were exempt from the “scary-looking black gun bans” will now be galvanized into action against the Liberal party, some might even burn their Liberal party membership card.

Detail three: The government’s plan to buy the banned guns will involve billions of dollars that would much better be spent on improved police presence in problem areas and dealing with gangs and narcotics which are the root of almost all the shootings that plague Canada’s large cities. Premier

Doug Ford of Ontario is vociferous in his opposition to this ban and clearly wishes the money spent on prosecuting smugglers and “gang-bangers”.

The Liberal government is hoping to buy the next election by using the Wuhan virus plague crisis to give vast sums of money to everyone that they have “locked down”. The amount of this year’s deficit, which is a first, will be a trillion dollars (1000 x 1 billion) but the Liberal government is not worried because it can keep printing money forever. The unintended consequence here is that the billions for buying banned guns (which serves no real purpose) plus the trillions that the Liberal government will need to continue to virtue signal about climate and rescue Canadians from their inept handling of the plague (a list too long to detail here) will not result in a tax burden for our children: it will result in a currency collapse. The Canadian dollar CAD has fallen about 5 cents in the last two months against the US dollar USD, which is also dealing with the plague. The CAD will continue to fall as the energy industry collapses, more and more massive deficits materialize, and the Liberal Government continues to materialize money that is not supported.

The end of this story is; what will happen to Canadians when the CAD becomes worth 50 cents USD, or 10 cents USD? Imported goods and foods will be prohibitively expensive. Canada will become another example, like Venezuela, of how

socialism ends. Currently, Venezuela’s situation is best described as chaotic, anarchy is not far behind. In the final analysis, the Liberal government’s policies will probably keep them in power, but they will also destroy Canada. Like Maduro of Venezuela, they will remain in power even when they have destroyed their own country.

A historical note to those who destroy their own country, eventually it will end

badly for everyone, including you.

Thank you and good shooting

Will Bilozir