Alberta Couple Canadian Importers of Fine Guns

Posted by Alex Morgotch - Yorkton News on 2020 Mar 9th

First time exhibitors at the 2011 Yorkton Gun and Collectibles Show, Will and Donna Bilozir from De Winton, Alberta offered partrons fine firearms, shotguns, hunting clothes and reloading supplies from Italy and Spain.

The rifles and shotguns from Europe come from several manufacturers, some of whom have been in business for centuries, producing fine custom firearms. The flagship lines are Fair or Isidoro Rizzini from Italy and Ignacio Ugartechea out of Spain. “We handle double rifles, singles shot rifles and combination guns which is a shotgun and a rifle in the same piece,” Bilozir reports. He finds the over/under shotguns and the finely engraved side-by-side guns from Ugartechea, Aya and some of the others tend to be favored by customers.

The very finely crafted firearms are used both for hunting and trap shooting.

Donna Bilozir points out that all guages right from 410 guage to 12 guage are available as well as a special Ugartechea run of 10 guages. The company made ten 10 guage guns and won’t be making any more, making the guns somewhat rare and therefore quite valuable.

The double rifles come in over/under Fair (Isadoro Rizzioni) models or they come in side-by-side models through Sabatti, one of the old world Italian makers, Donna Bilozir elaborates.

The Bilozirs are exclusive Canadian importers for some of the brands they carry. They have recently become western representatives for Davide Pedersoli black powder firearms, Donna points out.

The key thing they’ve found is most people have a lot of difficulty finding really high end guns. “They’re not going to appear in the big box sporting goods stores,” Bilozir notes. When somebody wants to get themselves something very nice, they can supply it, he adds.

They also fulfill a personalized service as every one of the makers they carry will offer a custom stock with either a rough and ready three measurement, drop at heel, drop at comb, and length of pull or custom, more specific measurement, depending on a client’s preference. As a result customer will get a fairly decent fit, says Donna.

The couple are the only remaining supplier in Canada importing Bal-listic Products reloading supplies for shotguns out of the U.S. “As a result if somebody wants to load any kind of ammunition for a shotgun we’ll be able to help them,” says Bilozir. Wads, hulls and reloading presses can be ordered and sent through the mail. The only things that can’t be mailed are powders and primers. “Therefore if they’re at a show, they better buy them then because we can’t really ship them,” Bilozir states.

In addition to firearms and clothing, the couple offers reloading supplies through a mail order business across Canada. Anyone interested in their products can contact Will and Donna Bilozir, 785000 Alberta Limited, Box 22, Site 11, R.R. #1, De Winton, Alberta, T0L0X0 or telephone 403-938-6066. More information is available online at

As importers, the Bilozirs have a number of dealers handling these lines across the country. They’re always interested into talking to prospective new dealers. “We’re happy to go into a discussion with somebody who wants to handle these. That makes our travel time a lot less if we’ve got a representative in an area,” says Donna. Anyone interested in becoming a dealer for these products should contact Will and Donna Bilozir at the address or number listed above.

The couple typically travels to 23 gun shows across western Canada ranging from Brandon west. Peers from other gun shows told them Yorkton offers a good gun show which drew them to the city this year. “We’re 950 km from those doors (Agripavilion doors) to our fuel tanks,” Will quips.

Both are very pleased with the show and the turnout at their first show in Yorkton.