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Hevi-Shot   (2 lbs)

Hevi-Shot is a non-toxic alternative to steel.

History: Hevi-Shot is an approved non-toxic shotshell pellet made from a tungsten alloy, nickel, and iron. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service granted final approval for Hevi-Shot in the Federal Register on January 4, 2001. Hevi-Shot is legal for all waterfowl hunting in all 50 states. Hevi-Shot is made of tungsten alloy, nickel and iron.

Hevi-Shot is very hard and, as steel shot users should already know, harder-than-barrel steel pellets must be contained within a specially manufactured, purpose-built shotcup. BPI loading manuals caution against the possibility of bore and barrel damage. BPI addresses this issue with our proprietary lines of Tuff Premium Field Wads or TPS series of protective wads.

Our library of loads for Hevi-Shot are all in The Advantages Manual.

  • Q: What bushings do I use with Hevi-Shot?
  • A: Hevi-Shot is not manufactured by traditional shot making methods. Therefore, Hevi-Shot is not produced in tradtional shot shapes (i.e., spherical and uniform pellets). The varied shapes and sizes of Hevi-Shot makes the use of shot bushings and charge bars almost impossible. In order to assure accurate shot weight in every load, it is recommended that you weigh the shot charge on a reliable digital scale, like the BallistiScale-1500. Although individual Hevi-Shot pellets are not spherical or consistent, they do pattern very well and consistently.

Hevi-Shot is comprised of tungsten alloy (tungsten is an element which is harder than steel/iron), nickel, and iron. Hevi-Shot pellets are very hard and they must be contained within a special non-toxic shotcup, such as BPI's TPS line of wads.

Our library of loads for Hevi-Shot are all in The Advantages Manual.

Hevi-Shot #B 055701B
Hevi-Shot #2 0557002
Hevi-Shot #4 0557004
Hevi-Shot #5 0557005
Hevi-Shot #6 0557006
Hevi-Shot #7.5 0557075
Hevi-Shot #9 0557009

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BPI Product U.S. Approx. Metric Grains Pellets  
Part # Description size Diameter Diameter per pellet per ounce Made in
TX00BK ITX Original-10 shot (7#/bag) #00 buck 0.325 8.4 mm 44.4 9.9 USA
TXBB ITX Original-10 shot (7#/bag) #BB 0.180 4.6 mm 7.6 57.6 USA
TX02 ITX Original-10 shot (7#/bag) #2 0.150 3.8 mm 4.1 106.7 USA
TX04 ITX Original-10 shot (7#/bag) #4 0.125 3.3 mm 2.7 162.0 USA
TX06 ITX Original-10 shot (7#/bag) #6 0.110 2.8 mm 1.9 230.3 USA
TXTT      2 ITX Extreme Turkey Trauma-13 (1.5#) #2 0.148 3.7 mm 5.0 88 USA
TXTT      4 ITX Extreme Turkey Trauma-13 (1.5#) #4 0.125 3.3 mm 3.3 133 USA
TXTT      6 ITX Extreme Turkey Trauma-13 (1.5#) #6 0.110 2.8 mm 2.42 181 USA
TXP1230 ITX Original-10 loading package  12ga 3" na na na na USA
TXP1275 ITX Original-10 loading package  12ga 2-3/4" na na na na USA


ITX Original-10 (1# sample) BB 2 4 6 na na na na USA
*Note: All measurements and weights will vary by production run; these are approximations.