Federal 28S1 wad

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Federal 28S1 3/4oz wad  (250/bag)

When affordability and reliability are important, Federal's Champion wads are a great option. These products let you shoot all day, and still have money left over to shoot again the next. They're great for high volume shooters, as well as those learning how to reload.  

Federal Wads
BP Part # Mfg. Mfg. # Gauge Color Capacity Bag Qty. Case Qty.
03012S0 Federal 12S0 12ga white 7/8 - 1 oz 250 5000
03012S3 Federal 12S3 12ga red 1-1/8 oz 250 5000
03012S4 Federal 12S4 12ga brown 1-1/4 oz 250 5000
03020S1 Federal 20S1 20ga white 7/8 to 1 250 5000
03028S1 Federal 28S1 28ga red 3/4 oz 250 5000
030410SC Federal 410SC 410 clear 1/2 oz 250 5000