Factory-Style Box 28ga 2 3/4" (10/pk)

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Original Factory-Style Shell Boxes (10/pack)

Organization & Safety: Bags and piles of unmarked shells are untidy, dangerous, and ultimately unusable (once you've forgotten what you've loaded in all of them). Treat your valuable handloads with the care they deserve. Your hard work and hard-earned money goes into those rounds, so don't let poor organization undermine your efforts.

Industry Standard: Our boxes are the ammo industry's standard package design for shotshell storage. They are the perfect fit for your loads and they are priced right so you can organize ALL of your loads. We stock standard Factory sizes for almost every gauge and length.

Standard Sizing: Our boxes are sized just like those from the big ammo factories. However, there are a few important differences: We use sturdy laminated white board with a water-resistant coating. These boxes are easy to identify and easy to clearly mark - giving your loads the final classic touch. Our sturdy material is very strong and reusable many times over.

Packaging hint: Save time and use MEC's EZ-Pak and quickly box up a case full of shells. Also, try our self-adhesive Shell Box Labels  (#LABEL) for convenient and attractive organization of your shotshells.

Part # Gauge & Length Box Size
#0661006 10ga 3-1/2"  6 round
#0661000 10ga 3-1/2" 25 round
#0661205 12ga 2-3/4"  5 round
#0661210 12ga 2-3/4" 10 round
#0661225 12ga 2-3/4" 25 round
#0661230 12ga 3" 25 round
#0661235 12ga 3"  5 round
#0661255 12ga 3-1/2"  5 round
#0661625 16ga 2-3/4" 25 round
#0662000 20ga 2-3/4" 25 round
#0662030 20ga  3" 25 round
#0662800 28ga 2-3/4" 25 round
#0664100 .410  2-1/2" 25 round
#0664105 .410 2-1/2 & 3"  5 round

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