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BPI Load Guide: Hot & Cold Temps

Explains what type of loads to use when loading for shooting in cold weather (below freezing) or hot weather (over 75 degrees). No loading data. Fully revised and available for immediate download.
Here is a list of all our current BPI Load Guide Brochures:
Part# Description
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00BBX410 .410 Bore Rifle Loads
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00BFAIL Diagnosing Hull Failure
00BHOTCOL Hot & Cold Weather
00BLG Little Giant 20ga 3 lead loads (revised)
00BPOPPER Popper Loads
00BRECON Brochure: Hull Reconditioning Kit
00BROLL Roll Crimping Info
00BSHORT Loading Shortened Hulls
00BSLIT Wad Slitting Info
00BST Intro to Steel Target Loads
00BSUB Subsonic Loads
00BTEST Why Test Load Results Vary
00BTHUG Thug Slugs

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