Adjusta-Drop Single Stage Charge Bar _ AVAILABLE SOON

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Adjusta-Drop Charge Bar Model-SS 

Pictured here is the prototype of BPI's new ADJUSTA-DROP Charge Bar. Our newest accessory tool for MEC single-stage reloaders eliminates the need for a costly collection of bushings and charge bars. ADJUSTA-DROP Charge Bar is fully adjustable for shot and powder drops that would normally require bushings and bars. Our final production version will have a black anodized finished with engraved adjustment scales that are highly visible. The entire charge bar body is meticulously machined aluminum with a zinc-plated carbon steel threaded rod.

Best of all, our new ADJUSTA-DROP Charge Bar is made entirely right here in Minnesota: Quality, value, and American-made pride come with every single ADJUSTA-DROP Charge Bar.

  • Complete with our injection-molded Shot Accommodation Bumper
  • Fully Adjustable
  • Machined in Minnesota to exacting standards



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