50-Round Reloading Block

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Wooden Reloading Blocks  (50 round)
Many times simple tools are the most valuable tools. We've been making and selling these products for over thirty-five years and we couldn't reload without them.
Our Wooden Reloading Blocks are hand made in the USA out of 100% poplar, which has been very popular. These blocks are a more efficient way to keep your loads organized during the loading process. Especially helpful when you are hand filling powder, wads, slugs or large-size pellets. We like them because they keep our loading process organized during those possible moments when one is distracted. 

Wooden Reloading Blocks are available in four size variations:

  • Large bore: 10ga to 20ga (50-round)
  • Large bore: 10ga to 20ga (25-round)
  • Small bore: 24ga to 32ga (25-round)
  • .410 only: .410 (25-round)