PT1680 16 ga non-toxic wad

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PT1680 Multi-Metal unslit wad for 16ga                                       (250/bag)

The PT1680 is toughest and sturdiest 16ga wad we've ever tested. Originally designed for 3/4-ounce steel shot loads, it has proven to be a capable shot carrier for many other field loads, including heavy lead shot loads, bismuth, ITX, and SpheroTungsten. The large internal capacity of this wad and highly protective wad cup make it an outstanding field performer.

The PT1680 is unslit. It must be slit prior to loading with at least 2-3 slits and approximately 80% of the total length of the wad.  The PT1680 can handle a wide range of pellet materials, including lead, steel, bismuth, ITX and SpheroTungsten. Failure to slit the wad will produce a potentially dangerous slug-type load that will not release the shot.


The PT1680 is a sturdy, thick-walled wad. It is purpose-built for tough steel and tungsten-based pellets. Our ballistic lab recommends this wad for steel shot loads, ITX and our SpheroTungsten shot in 15 and 18 density.

Curmudgeon's Loading Tips:

TYPE: 1-3/8 oz lead loads max, 7/8 oz steel shot max. Other Multi-Metal loads include bismuth, ITX and other tungsten-type pellets.

  • Overall length: 1.625"
  • Shotcup depth:  1.425"
  • Product Type: Wad, Multi-Metal capable for field use.
  • Size: 16-gauge
  • Load data: See Advantages, ITX manuals, downloadable brochures
  • Typical Loads:   Non-toxic and high-capacity field loads.