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Bilozir Fine Guns does custom stock fittings ($100 Canadian) and accepts customer orders....upgrade your wood, add a recoil pad or case hardening.

There are many models and variations, so please link to the detailed catalogue above or contact us for details

We have visited the F.A.I.R.® factory several times and are highly impressed with the efficiency, workmanship and reliability of both the factory and the guns

Since its establishment in 1971, F.A.I.R.® has specialized in the manufacture of functional and highly reliable sports and hunting shotguns. Combining aesthetics and technically advanced features allows us to produce highly reliable, functional and beautiful products.

While following in the tradition of centuries-old Italian gun manufacturing, we have always focused on applying the latest state-of-the-art mechanical and technical innovation of international shotgun industry to our production process. Our mechanical bodies are designed and developed following extensive R&D. This enables us to offer a wide range of exclusive sporting guns, attuned to the requirements of different hunting and competition disciplines.

The focus on technical innovation is one of the key elements of our success, ranking F.AI.R.® 2nd among Italian over-and-under manufacturers. Our production facility in Marcheno includes several highly-flexible production lines, enabling us to manufacture rifle-barreled guns alongside the more traditional smooth-bore models. Ungulates and haired game hunters appreciate the high quality of F.A.I.R.® products, since these guns are manufactured with the same technology we have long been using and improving to produce our smooth-bore shotguns.

Side by Side Shotguns (12-16-20-28-410)

  • Iside Standard smooth white break action and manual extractor
  • Iside triple depth laser engraved break action
  • Iside EM automatic ejectors, detailed scalloped box lock engraving
  • Iside Prestige automatic ejectors and side plate engraving

Over and Under Shotguns - Premier field grade shotgun with the same great production as all other guns but with less engraving and plainer wood (12-20-28-410)

  • SLX600 field grade shotgun (12-20-410)
  • SLX 600 Goose the heavy duty 3 ½”, 12 gauge with rubber recoil pad. Complete with five chokes. Just what you need for goose hunting.
  • SLX 692 Gold a beautifully laser engraved nickel finish side plate with gold inlay. Complete with five chokes, steel capable, nice wood (12-20-28-410)
  • SLX800 lovely box lock engraving with gold inlay. This model has rubber recoil, Fx wood, five chokes, steel capable (12-20)
  • Jubilee the first level of the top of the line Jubilee series. Wooden butt plate, good quality wood, box lock laser engraving, Prince of Wales stock, five chokes, steel capable, cased (12-20)
  • Jubilee Prestige the Jubilee Prestige with the same features as the Jubilee with the addition of side plate laser engraving and more gauges (12-16-20-28-410)
  • Tartaruga Gold the highest grade Jubilee with full case hardening, gold inlay and the all the Jubilee features. (12-16-20-28-410)
  • Jubilee 900 / 902 luxury shotguns with English stock, boxlock or side plate laser engraving with hand finishing, cased (12-16-20-28-410)
  • Pathos luxury shotgun, English stock, black action, quality walnut, gold plated hand engraving, cased (12-16-20-28-410)

Competition Shotguns
Master basic trap and skeet model. Box lock engraving, chokes, rubber recoil pad (12-20)
Master DeLuxe deluxe model for trap/skeet/sporting with 3” chambers (12-20)

  • SRL 802 a beautiful trap/skeet/sporting model with rubber recoil, nice wood, elegant side plate engraving, five chokes, cased (12-20)
  • Carrerra Sporting the most popular sporting model with all the features you need-adjustable comb and trigger, rubber recoil, elegant engraving with a gold inlay and trigger, ported barrels, wide rib, fiber optic sights, external chokes and cased (12)
  • Racing Models four models for trap, skeet or sporting configurations with protruding action profile, Fx wood, adjustable comb and trigger, rubber recoil (12)

Rifles - Iside Safari Express side by side double rifle in two models, reinforced action, mono-block barrel coupling

  • (8x57Jrs - 9.3x74R – 30R Blaser, 30.06 – 270 W – 308W – 243 W – 7x57R, 45-70)
  • Safari Express over and under double rifle in three models (Safari, Safari Deluxe and Safari Prestige) express rifles with box lock or side plate engraving, smooth or Bavarian stock, regulated to 50 mm at 50 m
  • (8x57Jrs - 9.3x74R – 30R Blaser, 30.06 – 270 W – 308W – 243 W – 7 x 57R, 45-70) Prestige (6.5 x 55 and 6.5 x 57R)
  • K500 two Kipplauf models on a 28 ga action, with room for a spare cartridge, donkey back stock or Bavarian style and rubber recoil
  • (22Hornet – 222 Rem – 223 Rem – 6.5x55 – 6.5x57R – 5.6x50R – 30.06 – 308W – 270W – 7x57R – 7x65R – 8x57Jrs – 9.3x74R – 30R Blaser)
  • Combi four models with two different bodies for 12 and 20 ga, optional Stecher trigger and an additional pair of steel shot proofed smooth bore barrels with chokes
  • (22Hornet – 222 Rem – 223 Rem – 6.5x55 – 6.5x57R – 5.6x50R – 30.06 – 308W – 270W – 7x57R – 7x65R – 8x57Jrs – 9.3x74R – 30R Blaser)



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