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Universal Charge Bar with Powder Baffle            Model-D for progressiveMEC loaders

Fully adjustable charge bars for accurate metering of powder and lead, steel, ITX, and bismuth shot. All metal construction with finely knurled locking calibration knobs. Both shot and powder chambers are calibrated by scales permanently engraved on the bar. Comes with a sturdy powder baffle, essential for regulating powder flow in MEC loaders.

Includes three inserts for various volumetric drops:

  • From 1/2 oz to 2 1/4 oz for Lead
  • From 7/8 oz to 1 1/2 oz for Steel
  • From 12 grs to 55 grs for Powder

Value and Versatility: This great tool will pay for itself in a hurry. If you plan on loading multiple load types, then we recommend you get a Universal Charge Bar for your MEC reloader.

You can improve MEC performance with just a couple convenient accessories:

Better Crimps: When loading new/primed hulls, your crimps may not stay closed if you are using a standard plastic crimp starter. The Super Crown Crimp Starteris designed to put a lasting crimp memory into new plastic, essential for tight and functional crimps on new hulls. The Super Crown also provides better crimps on once-fired hulls too.

Shot & Powder Charges: For added versatility and convenience, we recommend the Universal Charge Bar. This excellent accessory quickly pays for itself in bushing and charge bar savings and it gives you almost limitless load flexibility.

Priming: The EZ Prime auto primer feed (#285CA) can be added to the 600JR. EZ Prime dispenses primers automatically, which is a great time saver and a calming influence when loading. (*The automatic primer feed feature is not available for .410 reloaders.)

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