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Bilozir Fine Guns is pleased to be the exclusive importer to Canada for the past 12 years.

In the heart of the Trompia Valley, known all over the world for its long gun tradition, in 1957 Luciano Rota with his wife Maria Fausti started the activity that still continues with his son-in-law Maurizio Bertolassi and his daughters Sissi and Katia.

RFM now offers a wide range of fully customized smooth or ribbed models in order to satisfy all the needs of each individual customer .... it is no coincidence that the slogan is: "Handcrafted custom-made rifles".

The continuous search for quality, combined with an excellent aesthetic taste, have given life to our creations. The essentiality of the finishes gives our shotguns a high quality and a totally unique preciousness.

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