Pedersoli La Traviata sxs shotgun (.410)

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Pedersoli La Traviata sxs shotgun       (28" barrel    .410)          (Mod/F)

The La Traviata is a beautifl sxs shotgun featuring case hardened receive, double trigger and metal butt plate, Anson type frame, mono block barrels, concave rib, manual safety and extractors. An elegant small bore shotgun. 

The deluxe version (L.712) is also available with a single selective trigger (L.714) featuring a longer profile trigger guard, the metal parts are hand polished with fine emery paper, enriched with elegant engraving, colour case hardened finish. 

 It is just one of many shotguns and rifle models avaialble from Pedersoli.  

We carry a small stock of popular items from Pedersoli.  They have an extensive catalog so we accept customer orders of any items you want for delivery in one of our two annual shipments from Italy.

Click HERE for their complete catalog.

Contact us for availability and delivery, and to place an order.

Cod. 010S712410 Caliber .410 Grooves -
  mm inches
Twist - -
Barrel's length       710   27 15/16
Overall length       1135   44 11/16
  kg lbs
Weight      2,900      6,38

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