F.A.I.R. Iside 'Vintage' sxs Hammer 20ga

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A 20 ga with flair!  This tasteful 20ga hammer gun is a joy to handle and shoot.  Oil finished walnut stock completes the refined look of this shotgun which is on a 20 ga frame.  It features a 3" chamber, 71 cm barrels, single-selective gold-plated trigger, ejectors, five chokes and an airline-approved case.

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'The ISIDE VINTAGE brace is proposed with a manual extractor, bigrillo, classic tortoiseshell action frame and superior quality woods with fine-step laser knurls.

ISIDE VINTAGE the classic within reach of the true hunting lover. The particularity that makes Iside unique, in addition to its action frame, is typical of the rod coupling system, based on "demibloc" welding on a plate sleeve. ISIDE is a true goddess for elegance, lightness, versatility.'

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