F.A.I.R. Iside 'ISIS' sxs 12ga

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This beautiful gun has 3" chamber, 76 cm barrels, single-selective trigger, ejectors, five chokes and an airline approved combination lock fitted case.

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A great designer from the past loved to say that often the perfect engineering works for operation are also surprisingly beautiful. On the occasion of the presentation to the public, a large number of enthusiasts commented with words full of enthusiasm the pleasant sensation of lightness and solidity emanated by Isis and, in front of the prototypes without engravings, the purity of the lines of its "round-body" action frame. The heart of the weapon, made entirely from solid by a monobloc forged by chip removal, had therefore alone seduced its audience in the most beautiful way, that is without artifices and we have, as always, listened to it.

The "Iside" family, in the smooth barrel versions, includes the "ISIDE" variants with manual extractor; ISIDE EM with laser-engraved "triple depth" method and automatic extractors with great development; "ISIDE TURTLE GOLD" with tortoise shell with gold subject and wooden butt plates and ISIDE GARDENA which mounts a Bigrillo / Monogrillo firing system, automatic extractors and diverging barrels allowing you to have a large shot (oo) in firing both shots with the trigger rear bigrillo operated first. Wide choice of calibers: 12-16-20-28-410.

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