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F.A.I.R. K500      .243      60 cm barrels

This single shot rifle is built on a 28 ga frame, the Kipplauf F.A.I.R. models are the summary of a careful design study.  There is a second chamber to house a spare cartridge.

There are 2 models: K500 and K500 DE LUXE that differ from each other from the type of calcium used, donkey back for the mod. K500 and Bavarian with anti-recoil rubber buttol for the K500 DE LUXE model.®®

The technical and aesthetic characteristics are almost the same among the 2 models, for both the shooting mechanism is with stecher system and they mount quality walnut kicks selected zigzagged with fine-pitch laser and with glossy oil finish. The target organs are with fiber optic viewfinder with millimeter regulation and narrow aim notch with green fiber optic points; the opening keys are perforated and have on the upper bindella the predisposition for the optical attachment.

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