F.A.I.R. COMBI DELUXE O/U 12 GA/.30-06

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F.A.I.R. Combi Deluxe    12 ga / .30-06   o/u    63 cm barrels

What a great combination!  This one will take you anywhere.  The Bavarian cheek stock in walnut with a rubber recoil sets you up for a comfortable experience.

For over 35 years the F.A.I.R. has specialized in the manufacture of smooth-core rifles that have excellent qualities appreciated all over the world. The COMBI range is born from a close collaboration that, for several years, has been established among our technicians, operators and enthusiasts of the striped weapon.®

Of particular importance in combi models is the calibration performed individually on each piece for collimation verification at 50 meters. with a gap of 50 mm between the 2 rounds. The configuration of the range is divided into 4 models, with 2 distinct bascules dedicated in calibers 12 and 20, with the possibility of having as an option the stecher shooting system and for the most demanding, interchangeable rods in caliber 12 and 20 equipped with technichoke interchangeable chokes and steel shot heads.®

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